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The Tarot is a truly traditional form of divination, reading the Tarot may enables an instant answer to a question, or it may describe events that are happening or that will happen. offers the reading of various types of tarot; each set of cards offers a different specialised field of divination and some tarots react better to particular subjects such as love, work, finance etc… The Tarot is very old but has not ceased to develop and grow in popularity over the centuries, the wide choice available here is aimed at satisfying your needs through the written interpretation of a great and renowned Reader. Over a period of time you will find that a certain pack of Tarot will seem more appropriate to you and this is normal as each Reader generally has a pack they favour more than the others.

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  • The Magician symbolises a beginning, the start and also creativity. It is represented as a powerful magician who reveals the secrets of alchemy and the transmutation of metals. This is why he holds a wand in his left hand and a piece of gold in his right. The first of the Major Arcana cards, it symbolises the beginning and the first letter: Aleph. The three legged table represents the three principle ingredients of alchemy; salt, sulphur and mercury.
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