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Predicting the future: With your dreams

Dreams are part of a secret dimension, a fabulous universe.
Dreams are not what you may think they are, just a simple diversion of your mind into a non-existent world, not at all; just a single dream could reveal your future.

In fact, interpreting your dreams can notify you of major, or minor, events that could shortly take place.

If you are reading this page on the Interpretation of Dreams it is because you are a prudent and enlightened person and you seek to discern the reality behind thoughts and dreams you experience.

By consulting this Interpretation of Dreams you can analyse and find explanations of your dreams that rarely differ from the truth and so possibly stop you from making mistakes, or less seriously, being unrealistic.

Here is a well known example: ‘A man that doesn’t speak a word of Greek shows one of his language teachers some words that he heard the night before in his dreams that he had then written down in his language. He asked his teacher what they meant.

The teacher replied that in Greek they meant ‘Leave, can you not see that death threatens you?’ The dreamer immediately left his house which collapsed the following night.

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Dreams: the voice of our subconscious

Dreams are the voice of our subconscious or ‘inner self’. They always inform us of the best way to achieve success in our future. Even when scenes from the past appear in our dreams they should be interpreted relative to our future. Through the events we see from our past we are invited to by the dream to react, to pass from the virtual to the real; that means, basically, to truly live! The dreams encourage a resolution of the past in order that our past does not become a substitute for the present, our current actions and our true future. The dream speaks exclusively to us about ourselves, and those around us who we could meet; meetings that could make us more intelligent, clearer, more useful to ourselves and others. The resolution of the past, as advised by our dreams, also resolves, invalidates and leaves impotent what we call the ‘law’ of cause vs. effect or Karma.