The Ge Oracle Reading: free online

Predicting the future: With the Ge Oracle

This pictorial, colourful pack is composed of 61 cards; it was created by Gerard Barbier and has been published since 1991.
This is one of the rare tarot packs that enable the application of a date for the predictions of the consultant due to the four cards that represent the seasons. The eight cards representing people truly help the reader to clarify their readings. Certain cards can be read in both ways which enriches the possibility of interpretation.
The simple yet modern imagery clarifies the symbolic descriptions and enables a precise reading of the possibilities and opportunities offered by a situation.
This oracle enables the analysis of present and future situations. The symbols created by Gerard Barbier are easy to interpret; the images represent objects, animals, people and seasons. It is for this reason that many beginners to card reading use this oracle for cartomancy. Now you can try it too!

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