Yes or no Oracle Reading

Predicting the future: With the Yes or No Oracle

This oracle corresponds to your question of the moment, use it as one launched by dice and let the destiny be guided in your choices, it will simply answer yes or no to you!
Will I meet someone to love?
Will I get in a relationship with the person of my thoughts?
Does my ex come back to me?
Why loneliness haunts me?
Am I going to start a new life?
It's the person I go out with the man of my destiny?
It's the person I go out with the woman of my destiny?
I would like some details on a possible meeting.
How am I going to meet him / her?
Can I trust my partner or my husband?
Can I trust my girlfriend or my wife?
Should undergo cosmetic surgery to make him stay with me?
Do I have to close my eyes on his infidelities?
What should I do to please men?
I fell in love with a married man, are you going to leave his wife?
I will meet with great love at work or in my free time?
I fell for someone already couple would leave her boyfriend for me?
I love two women, one should I choose?
I love two men which one I should choose?
What he (she) thinks of me, what's the mood for me?

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