The Great Persian Tarot of Madame Indira

Persian tarot cards is made up of 55 high symbolic power: 19 Major rich maps symbols such as the House, the Death, the boat, the Witch and among other animals, the black panther or Peacock, 16 intermediate cards (the king, Queen, the Cavaliers, Aces), 16 Minor cards (hearts, crowns, sickles and scimitars) and four additional cards symbolized by owls. This tarot provides accurate and precise answers to all the questions of life in the area of romantic relationships, career or future financial concerns. Following the tracks and revelations unveiled by the cards, we can hope to achieve happiness and fulfillment in making the right choices.

Predicting the future: With the Persian Tarot of Madame Indira

What is the story behind the name of Indira? Here, in a few words, is a short presentation of a highly renowned clairvoyant lady. At 11 years old Indira designed her first set of divinatory cards. Despite its naïve aspect, the images are rich in symbolism and show a value of interpretation that can only be marvelled at when you realise these were created by a young girl who knew very little of life. She made her first revelation at the age of 13 when she announced the entry of France into the Second World War, followed by the disembarkation of the Americans. No further doubts on her abilities existed from then on…. Indira was born with a gift, the gift of clairvoyance. In 1949, Indira married and followed her spouse on a professional mission, first to Saudi Arabia then to Saigon. Received by Ambassadors and Government Officials, Indira talked of her intuition with a natural gaiety during mundane evening events and, to the great pleasure of those present, often performed spontaneous voluntary readings.

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